Know more about Erva de Gato Catshop, Brazilian producer of Catnip





Our Catshop was born from the lack of cat specialized petshops in Brazil. This lack made us identify a great opportunity to offer and develop the best products for kittens, all 100% thought and focused on their well-being.


As a differential, we have special and exclusive attention from our Veterinary Elena Toazza, who together with us, prizes for offering the best experience to you and your four-legged child!


We specialize in producing Catnip. Our production is 100% pure (without mixes) and happens in South Brazil, where the climate is milder and enhances the quality and effects of our herbs.




Produzimos e distribuímos catnip com qualidade superior.




 Special for cats, our catnip is 100% organic.





We prioritize organic cultivation methods. We plant and harvest by hand ourselves, dehydrate and prepare each catnip in it's package so we can send it to our customers with great love and care. That is why our production is limited and very exclusive. We guarantee a Super Premium catnip with the highest quality for your kittens.



In addition to our own production, we also offer the best brands of Cat Herb available on the Brazilian market. Here you can find everything from more affordable herbs to premium organic herbs.




Our purpose is to make you and your cats happier!