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The new Super Premium Catnip was handcrafted with great care for your cat. Yes, our plants were developed and selected one by one, grown organically, 100% pure, free of any mixes, or better, just with the right mixes, thought and handpicked by our Veterinarian Elena Toazza for your cats.


The planting, harvesting and preparation is literally done by hand to keep the quality level always high, so our catnip's effects are enhanced. We are concerned with planting in an extremely favorable climate for the good cultivation of the herb, the cooler climate, which is perfect for its development.


In addition, we respect the harvest time, we only do it at the stage when it is blooming. Our Super Premium Catnip has no stock, so you will receive at your home a fresher product for your kitten, just look at the very green color, different from those found in the market.




Catnip with blends that your cat will love.



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Your cat will love the power of this new product! You'll witness how its effects will further sharpen your kitten!


This line has special blends, developed according to the needs of the cats and also with the objective to calm, agitate, entertain, relax or just pleasure your felines.


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Catnip blends by Erva de Gato Catshop.