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If you have a kitten, you may have heard of Catnip (Nepeta Cataria). First of all, we'd like to inform that it is not like "human marijuana" as many people usually play and joke about, far from it!


When sniffing or eating Catnip, most of the cats exhibit behaviors that include sniffing, licking, chewing, shaking their heads, rubbing on things, rolling on the floor, growling, jumping, running and even drooling. These reactions are safe and have no counterindications.




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Catnip is nothing more than a plant from the mint family that brings several proven benefits to cats, because it has a substance called Nepetalactone, which makes them happy, playful and calm.


Veterinarians and scientific studies from leading institutions recommend Catnip without counterindications for cats.There may be resistance from young kittens, elderly and neutered cats, sometimes they may not react to the Catnip. Don't worry, this is normal and there is nothing wrong with your cat!


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